General Prescriptions

 Executive Regulations of Exhibitions

1-      The minimum allocated space for equipped covered area is 12 sqm.
2-      Participants are required to deposit the rental fee to our bank account, specified by IDRO Int'l Trading Co. and submit the bank receipt to the organizer within 96 hours after on line registration.
3-      Participants are required to decorate their booths in a proper way.
4-      Participants are required to protect their pavilions spaces, and may not use the corridors or other pavilions.  
5-      Participants are responsible for maintenance of the pavilions and the equipments inside, and in case of occurring any damages to the pavilions and its equipments, the participant is obligated to pay for damages.
6-      Participants are not allowed to sublet or share with others the allocated space, or exchange their pavilions.
7-      Participants should vacate the rented area within 24 hours after the termination of the fair. Otherwise the organizer will remove the exhibits from the fairground without any responsibility for explanation. It is important to mention that the exhibitor will be charged for the costs of the transportation and other charges.
8-      Participants will be responsible for securing and safeguarding their exhibits during the visiting hours of the fair.
9-      Those in charge of the pavilion should attend the pavilions during the exhibition and they may not, in any circumstances, close the Pavilions during the working hours of the exhibition.
Terms For Delivering the Exhibition Goods:
1-        To remove any exhibition goods out of the Exhibition Hall should be  
Coordinate with the Organizer. Also, giving, part or all   
            Exhibits to visitors or businessmen, should be under supervision of the
            Exhibition manager, and the customs authorities after the permanent     
           clearance process and payment certain custom duties.
2-        The exhibits should have desirable quality otherwise the organizer will intercept to show them and will not accept the exhibits without standard , desirable packaging and also, incomplete related documents.
3-        The goods sent to the exhibition need the official certificate. The participants are required to submit such a certificate.
4-        Participants shall provide required permission or special certificate,
       According to the rules and regulation of the country.
5-        All participants are required to deliver their exhibition goods minimum 48 hours before opening day at central custom office in Sulaymaniah.
All custom duties shall be paid by participants.
6-        The organizer will not have any responsibility against the goods delivered
After the specified date.
7-        Participants are required to insure their goods completely with an insurance company against the possible accidents.
8-        In case of permanent clearance of the exhibition goods, the expenses
Concerning the custom duties should be paid, before inauguration.
9-        Participants are required to prepare 2 copies of packing list and invoice in
English or Arabic for returning the exhibition goods.
10-    Any complications resulting from any error in the price list provided by participants will be their own responsibility.
1-      Specifications of companies will be published in the exhibition book on base   
of information in related form, in English. One copy will be presented to            each exhibitor, free of charge. In case of submitting the catalogue   
      Information after the specified deadline, IDRO Int'l Trading Co. has no
      responsibility for not publishing the company specifications in Exhibition  
2-   Issuance identification cards for participants will be free of charge.
3-   It is advised that for the purpose of evaluation and the manner of
      Marketing, you can contact the Organizer’s marketing department for
      more information. But Participants will be responsible for evaluation of the
Important Notes:
1-      In case, when the numbers of the applicants are beyond the capacity of the exhibition, the priority will be with those who send their documents and  deposit their registration fee, earlier, as one of the most effective factor for accepting the participants. When the pavilions are completed and the time for accepting the participants is expired, the organizer will not accept any application.
2-      Participants are required to be familiar with International Commercial Affairs and English language as well as the official language.
3-      Participants are required to have catalogue or brochure and business card in English for introducing their activities and displays.
4-      If you are interested to participate, please register your company on line and submit it before the dead-line.
5-      If you need more information, please contact us.
6-      Hiring the local persons should be coordinated with the management of the exhibition.
7-      Participants are required to attend at the exhibition hall 48 hours before the opening day.